The Movie Short of Birdman

Birdman Live at Lagoa

The Small Change Diaries play “Birdman” live at The Lagoa Guitar Festival 2016

Slow News Day Live at Lagoa

The Small Change Diaries play “Slow News Day” with Les Kostards at the 3rd Lagoa Guitar Festival Oct 2016

The Effect of Different Ukes

Talking about different ukuleles used on Adam Blames Eve debut album and how they each play a part in creating some really great sounds!


There’s Only One of You

Here’s some footage from a recent rehearsal of one of our most requested songs


Adam Blames Eve Promo

Hey Rona Promo

Above is a promo for the track “Hey Rona” shot by Rona herself!

This is the video for “Hey Rona” created by Rona herself in Tel Aviv