Small Change Diaries now on Drooble

INITIAL REACTION (but scroll down for update)

I generally don’t recommend platforms or services unless I’m impressed, so this does not happen often! That said, for the last week I have been trying out a new platform for musicians called drooble

This is proving to be a really interesting space for musicians to interact. The main plus points are that in order to showcase material artists need to contribute in some way and generate “karma points” This means over enthusiastic folks can’t just blast out endless material and monopolize the platform. Also, you can just buy exposure like on some platforms where folks just crank their visa cards to get attention. Instead, you get rewarded for various interactions including inviting other members.

Its possible to upload songs (once you have enough points) and my own experience to date is that its a friendly place and crucially on topic rather than a medium for people to rant about all manner of thinking that is often not that interesting!

There’s a chart which shows how diverse the interest actually is and it looks like the platform is getting good momentum and crucially great customer engagement.



Having now evaluated this platform, I am less a fan.

Full Drooble review here

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