The Small Change Diaries Duo set at The Grove

As a warm up for GNUF 2017, we just completed a duo set at The Grove in Leeds

This is a stripped down set, some of which we play with the full band. Jessica and I have been playing now for a few years and some of these songs are really road tested and always a pleasure to play to the public. We also had the chance to try out some new material that will appear on the next album “Lullabies for Cynics< due for release in Oct.

It was a fun night out and I’m pleased to say the Henriksen Bud amps and Heil mics sounded great in the venue. Even in small gigs, some amplification really helps to avoid straining the voice and in any pub/tavern type situation there’s going to be background noise.

This was the set list
1. There’s only one of you
2. 5 string man
3. Adam blames Eve
4. I know what you’re saying
5. Kicking down doors
6. Perfect place
7. Amish
8. Not one of us

Encore – Speed and sound of loneliness (John Prine) 

Thanks to Skinner and Twitch who hosted the event.

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