Back in the studio, new instruments, new guest artists

The main tracks are now recorded for our follow up album “Lullabies for Cynics” for release later in the year. I say “the main tracks” as there is always a possibility that a new track will come knocking at the creative door and insist on joining the party!

This second album is far more multi layered than “Adam blames Eve” and we have a number of international guests playing on some of the tracks. We have also extended the range of instruments we are using on this album. New instruments include a Collings tenor acoustic guitar, a National Resophonic ukulele, a flute, walking bass dulcimer, violin and lap steel. This makes for very different sonic territory. One of the tracks also has a great rousing choir style chorus which was brilliantly recorded by our producer Carl Rosamond.

In forthcoming months we will be playing some of this material live for the first time and the set at GNUF will contain some of these new tracks. Of course all the material is original and in a wide range of styles but always easily identifiable as “The Small Change Diaries” I suspect people will be surprised at how much the music has evolved and one of the main reasons for this is the addition of Adrian Knowles who is the MD for the group.

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