The Small Change Diaries play GNUF

I am delighted to confirm that The Small Change Diaries will be playing The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival this May. This is the gold standard for such festivals in the UK and its no surprise that the early bird tickets sols out in hours and over 100 artists who applied to play didn’t make the cut this time round. GNUF is simply unique in its diversity of entertainment, central location and focus on creative artistic expression. Its rare to find such festivals that are so well planned and of course this will be the 5th successful year this this event.

The band will be playing a set showcasing material from the forthcoming second album “Lullabies for Cynics” which is due for release this September. We will be playing on The Original Ukulele Songs stage on Sunday May 7th at 12.50. Both ourselves and other artists playing this stage will be playing original songs and The OUS Project is sponsoring the stage on May 7th and promise a great day’s entertainment. GNUF is not only a great place to meet so many creative artists, but also a wonderful place to develop your own creative skills. There are always a series of workshops, many of which are quite fascinating. In 2016 I attended a great workshop on claw hammer as well as one on Woody Guthrie. Where else is an organizer going to be so bold as to run such a workshop? There are also going to be some surprises this year at GNUF…

All the artist sets at GNUF are 20 minutes, so we advise arriving early to get a spot. Similarly although there are still a few tickets available, its smart to book now before its completely sold out. The band will be rehearsing in forthcoming months to deliver a terrific set and GNUF remains a favorite place for us to play in the UK.  



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