Birdman – a celebration of a true NY character

Last year, we started filming the Birdman movie short. This was an ambitious project which included Kier Brown a terrific actor, Amy Hamilton a great dancer and a cast of extras. The video was shot in Yorkshire by Jay Sillence from Ink Blot Films across several locations. The original Birdman audio track was first released on The Small Change Diaries debut album “Adam Blames Eve”. This new improved 2016 version now has Adrian Knowles on bass and Laurent Zeller on violin. Both do a terrific job and this is the definitive version of this track. 
I have blogged about “Birdman” before. “Birdman” was a record store owner in New York who ran this chaotic store where albums and CDs were piled high with no obvious organization. Originally, he was a stock broker where he made his money. This movie short is a celebration of him as a character although we did take some artistic license with video so it does not entirely reflect his real life.

The cast did a terrific job and Jay worked hard to create a wonderful movie short. Many people don’t realize the massive amount of work that is needed to produce something like this. The filming was across several locations throughout the year and of course the editing requires a really skilled set of eyes. Special thanks to Mary Agnes Krell for feedback and suggestions which helped make this a great movie short. The audio track Birdman 2016 will appear on the second Small Change Diaries album “Lullabies for Cynics” which is scheduled for release this September.
We are also looking at further movie shorts with the same creative team to be released later this year.
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