Highlights of 2016 for The Small Change Diaries

2016 has been quite a year for the band. Here are a few highlights

Release of Protest Songs EP

In April we released the Protest Songs EP. This consisted of four songs all in the protest songs tradition. “Not One of Us” was actually written a long time ago, but only recently recorded with the excellent Adrian Knowles on Double Bass. Big Tony, Commons Sense and Draw you out all had provocative lyrics and a wide variety of music. The EP got great feedback, including these comments from Phil Doleman

“The Small Change Diaries have a really tight, sweet sound that’s immediately recognisable.  On ‘Protest Songs’ they manage to fit in more ideas, musical and lyrical, in four songs than most manage on a full-length album with inventive arrangements and smart lyrics”
                                                                                                             Phil Doleman  international musician and author 

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Live Performance at GNUF

The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival is the gold standard for such festivals in the UK, there’s nothing remotely like it. It was therefor great to be accepted as an artist playing here. All artists play 20 minute sets and we made sure we rehearsed properly so we put on a great show. The organizer Mary Agnes Krell was clearly pleased

“The Small Change Diaries are a great act. Booking them for their festival debut at GNUF might have been seen as a risk but I had faith in their ability to perform to the highest standard. My faith was repaid and audience members filled the  room when they performed. Many cited them as a highlight of the festival in formal and informal feedback. They songs are expertly crafted. Their live performances are engaging and a joy to watch. Their musicality is of an incredibly high standard. I would not hesitate to book them again and I highly recommend others consider them.”
Mary Agnes Krell (Organiser for The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival – GNUF)

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Wetherby Arts Festival

We were delighted to be asked to play the annual Wetherby Arts festival. This was in the crypt of a church in Wetherby and we brought our own Bose PA for this event. The crypt had been used as a set for “The Cavern” for a Beatles movie and it was quite an experience playing there. We played two 45 minute sets, which is the longest we had played live to date.

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Playing Lagoa Guitar Festival in Portugal

A curious e-mail landed earlier in the year asking the band to play at the annual Lagoa Guitar Festival in Portugal. This was the first overseas gig for the band and required a huge amount of organization. There are endless decisions that need to be considered in terms of travel, gear to take and the set list. We were lucky to meet Les Kostards a fantastic trio from France and we all played the SCD track “Slow News Day” for the finale.

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2017 is going to be another step up…

We are in the final stages of recording the second album “Lullabies for Cynics” which will consist of 12 tracks and have guest musicians including Phil Doleman, Laurent Zeller and Sleepy Kev Bishop. We are really pleased with the sound and the band is on top form. We are also going to be playing live throughout 2017 and will be releasing the movie short “Birdman” early 2017. Many thanks to everyone who has supported the band. Our FB page now has 2400 likes and we have never been so busy.

Special thanks to Karen Turner for photography, Max Wootton for illustrations, Takahiro Shimo and Rob Collins for making such great instruments that we use live and in the studio, Sue Elton for band catering and filming, Toby Thomas for behind the scenes work and all those folks who have come to see us live.

Warm Regards

Nick Cody  Jessica Bowie  Adrian Knowles  Rich Ferdinando


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