Wetherby Arts Festival Gig

We just completed two sets at Wetherby Arts Festival. Many thanks to everybody who came out to see us play. This was an unusual venue, a crypt in St James’s church. This made for some interesting sonic challenges and the new Bose PA did a great job. This gig is also a warm up for The Lagoa Guitar Festival gig at the end of the month. The Small Change Diaries are on the same bill as many other invited international artists including Martin Taylor.

Playing two sets is of course a lot more work as there’s a lot more material to cover. We were also lucky to have Doug O Brien from New York sit in on keyboards, playing on “Slow news day” and “Not one of us” This is the first time we have a keyboard player with the band and it sounded great. In Lagoa we will be playing a number of tracks off our debut album “Adam Blames Eve”, “Protest Songs” EP and material from the 2017 follow up album “Lullabies for Cynics” Getting ready for such a major gig requires a lot of rehearsal and we are flying out Karen Turner to take photos of the gig and for the 2017 album.

It was a great crowd and even some dancing ensued to the tracks!


wetherby-gigsmall change diaries

small change diaries

small change diaries

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