Jessica Bowie and Nick Cody at The Chemic

Jessica Bowie and I just returned from a duo outing at The Chemic in Leeds. This was a great opportunity to work up some of the material we will be showcasing at UK and overseas festivals.

Here’s the set list we played tonight


1. There’s Only One of You
2. I Know What You’re Saying
3. Sweet Seduction
4. Kicking Down Doors
5. Slow News Day
6. Perfect Place
7. 5 String Man
8. Amish Frame Of Mind
9. Cold Mountain
10. Come on up to the house (Tom Waits)
11. Not One Of Us
12. Speed and sound of loneliness (John Prine)

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us, we appreciate your support!

chemic 1 chemic 2

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