Working on live sets before Lagoa guitar festival

The Small Change Diaries are now in a really busy period working on two live sets ahead of the Lagoa Guitar festival in October. This is a lot of work and currently we have 21 original tracks plus a few covers thrown in the mix. Practice is essential in making sure that the live performances are as good as they can be. Any artist will appreciate that there’s a massive difference between a 40 minute set and a ninety minute set!

Next Friday we’ll be doing a small warm up gig at The Grove in Leeds to test out new material, a lot of which we have never played live to date! This means the Leeds attendees for this free event are in for a real treat as we’ll also be showcasing material from the 2017 album “Lullabies for Cynics” We have spent some time looking to the sequencing of the two live sets, making sure that there’s a good contrast in terms of sounds. There will be many old favorites from “Adam Blames Eve” including “Adam Blames Eve”, “Perfect Place” “There’s only one of you” “Birdman” “5 String Man” “Amish Frame of mind” “One day I’ll disappear” “Airport Codeine Blues” and “Cold Mountain”¬†We’ll also be playing material of the Protest Songs EP, including ” “Not one of us” “Big Tony” and “Draw you out”

The Lagoa set will be finalized after playing The Wetherby Festival in October and there will be many rehearsals between now and then. Playing overseas means a lot of practical organization and consideration for what equipment to take over and what to hire during the event. These are exciting times and in November we go back into the studio to record more tracks for the 2017 release as well as finalizing the movie short “Birdman”. As well as all this activity we are planning a music book for 2017 and looking at selective festival appearances for the year ahead.

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