Live warm up gigs ahead of UK and overseas festivals

We are currently doing a series of low key warm up gigs for UK and overseas festivals. This is a great opportunity to test out the new set as well as new equipment. The new Hendriksen Bud amp has become a game changer and will be a must take unit for all live work. In terms of ukes I generally use the Lax 5 string Shimo and the Rob Collins African Blackwood tenor.  These two instruments give a great sonic range for all the tracks played in a live setting

The new material is being really well received as well as the material from the debut album. We have also included “Amish frame of mind” in the set which is of course an acapella track.  Ahead of The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival we’ll be doing some local gigs including a tiny gig at The Hyde Park Book Club on Friday 13th of May.

SCD Otley 2016-4SCD Otley 2016-22SCD Otley 2016-21SCD Otley 2016-28

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