Studio recording and preparing for live work

This week we are back in the studio starting to record for the 2016 EP ‘Lullabies for Cynics”. We are also gearing up for live gigs in 2016 which will be announced on this site. Its exciting times for the band with five tracks from Adam Blames Eve played on BBC Radio and lots of new material in the pipeline. Adrian Knowles is a terrific new addition to the band, an absolutely extraordinary musician adding a whole new dimension sonically to the SCD sound.

As well as the EP in 2016 we will be released the “Birdman” movie short produced by Ink Blot Films.  We also completed a new photo shoot with Karen Turner who does amazing work and captures the essence of the band visually. As well as this Max Wooton will be creating some amazing new illustrations for the future EP and for the forthcoming SCD book of our music!

the small change diaries

small change diaries the small change diariesthe small change diaries

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