Forthcoming EP and Video from The Small Change Diaries

The Small Change Diaries are back in the studio in November to start recording for a new EP. There will be four tracks with Adrian Knowles the new double bass player providing some excellent new sonic explorations. The EP will include the first SCD track written by Nick Cody, “Not one of us”

Here are some of the lyrics

Nothing I could say to you will make you change your mind,

This is not the first time but you still don’t see the signs,

When heads are in the clouds not a foot upon the ground,

You’re the one now long gone, the damage left behind…

They say this land is your land, but that’s not strictly true,

Fifty foot down in the ground still don’t belong to you,

Time to create some street art, paint the neighborhood,

A kaleidoscope of colours that will only do you good


Not one of us is smarter, than all of us round here,

Every thought you think right now, will someday disappear…

Not one of us is smarter, than all of us round here,

Every song, you hear right now will someday disappear…

(Not one of us copyright in all mediums Nick Cody & SCD Productions)


We have just completed a video of a recent rehearsal which will be released in October as a promo for live work applications. Watch this space for more news!

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