First day of the filming for Birdman promo

First Day, Lights Camera, Action!

We just finished the first day’s film shoot for “Birdman” a track off “Adam Blames Eve” Jay from Ink Blot films did a great job in coordinating the cast across multiple locations in Leeds. There is an immense amount of work involved to produce a comprehensive storyline for the track. Kier and Amy are the central characters supplemented by a number if great extras. Its a fascinating experienced to see the original storyboard come to life with the numerous scenes. Everything is about getting the right shot and the right camera angle.

Next weekend we shoot the office scene at the start of the video. Then we have more street scenes to shoot as well as a choreographed dance piece! I suspect the end result will be quite astonishing!

birdman film

20150809_133929 20150809_145851

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