Film location scouting for forthcoming movie short

ink blot filmsToday was mostly spent with Jay from Ink Blot Films looking at locations for the Birdman movie short we will be releasing later this year. There are many moving parts to creating this and a huge number of considerations! Recording audio requires a great deal of attention and filming IMO is even more taxing.Fortunately Jay has extensive experience and has a brilliant creative brain for such productions. The Birdman track is just over five minutes, but every frame needs proper consideration and there is a clear and fascinating storyline for the movie short.

We also have to get proper permissions for some of the locations, so everything takes time. However in the age of 4g and Youtube I remain convinced that video is a key to developing “The Small Change Diaries Universe” In August we will also be finalising the Adam Blames Eve music book, for those interested in learning the songs on the album.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped promote The Small Change Diaries, it’s greatly appreciated!

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