The Creative team for SCD

The Small Change Diaries employs a number of really excellent creative professionals all of whom assist in creating “The Small Change universe”

Max Wootton

Small Change DiariesMax is an extraordinary illustrator whose creates the most amazing visual images. The first time I say his work I was
amazed at the detail and the quality. I knew immediately that he would be a perfect fit for the band and commissioned a number of illustrations for the forthcoming album.

Prior to hiring Max I tried another of other artists, but none came close to what Max can do! My hope is that he will agree to work with us on future album releases and it’s great that his is all a great music lover. Max’s graphics remind me of some of the surreal and fluid lyrics that appear in Small Change Diaries tracks. Sometimes it’s as if these songs have a life of their own

Finally of course anyone who is a Miles Davis fan has in my opinion excellent musical taste! Check out Max on Facebook.

Karen Turner

Karen is an award winning photographer and has to date done two photoshoots for the band. Both shoots were done
at Blueberry Hill Studios in Leeds and Karen has a brilliant ability to capture really excellent animated photos. I have some experience of working with photographers and some spend huge amounts of time with setting up studio lights and backdrops. Karen works with natural light in locations and has a unique talent for putting people at ease and then capturing the most brilliant photos.

One the first shoot she took 230 photos all of which were terrific and are being used for band promotions. Previous photographers mostly only produced a fraction of this number of photographs and never to this high standard.

small change diaries

Check out her site


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