Recording “Hey Rona” with The Small Change Diaries

studioYesterday the full Small Change Diaries band was in the studio recording “Hey Rona”

The inspiration for this song came from meeting Rona Soffer in Tel Aviv. Rona is an extraordinary individual who nearly died at aged eighteen in a car crash and was in a coma for a number of weeks and then in rehab for a significant time. When I met her despite quite extraordinary physical challenges, she continues to work as a film maker and maintain a wonderfully wicked sense of humour . Many of the lyrics in this song were references to how she described herself including “mad and crazy girl” and “ginger sheep” which is the title of one of her videos posted on YouTube. The second occasion I saw her she remarked that the lift in her building had broken so she had to walk all five floors by using the stairs

“Five floors do not stop you, walking with a cane”

Throughout our discussions she describes how one of her main aims is to find a good physical balance on her right and left sides, hence the many references to finding balance in the lyrics.

“Every days an adjustment for your body and mind”
“Right and left hemispheres start to align”

Rona is a brilliant example of human endurance and I am delighted to have written this song for her. Jessica Bowie helped me refine the original lyrics and did a superb job of making this final finished version a much more relatable story that would make far better sense to the listener. This track will be on the forthcoming Small Change Diaries album release.

See for some free downloads from the forthcoming Small Change Diaries album

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