Just 48 hours before being in the studio!

It’s now just 48 hours before the whole band is in the studio to record the first batch of Small Change Diaries tracks. Both myself (Nick Cody) and Jessica Bowie are also working on a bunch of new songs that are sounding terrific!

It’s a new experience to co-write with someone and it’s fascinating to see this material develop!

I have also made final decisions about which ukuleles to take into the recording studio.

The finalized list is

• Shimo Comet 3 Tenor
• Shimo Soprano Walnut ukulele
• Collings UT1 Tenor
• Collings pre-production concert UC1
• Collings mahogany UC1
• Kanilea Koa Kuipo ukulele

I’m also taking a bunch of extra sets of strings, just in case…

There’s a mixture of emotions about this forthcoming recording session which will be the first of many. As well as the full band arrangements, I’m also going to record a number of tracks with Jessica and Rich as a parallel SCD stripped down project. This gives us the ability to really road test material and begin to build a great set list for live gigs in 2015

shimo ukeleles


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