Day 2 in the Studio with Jessica Bowie, Nick Cody and Rich Ferdi

studio mixingThis was quite a day! Yesterday we laid down the basic tracks for six different songs. Today myself (Nick Cody) Jessica Bowie and Rich finished all the elements to these six tracks as well as recording a seventh track as well. We now have seven of the 21 Small Change Diaries songs ready for the final mix stage. Throughout the day we had to make a series of decisions as we didn’t have either guitar or double bass players from yesterday and we wanted to complete this first phase of the SCD recording process. We worked solidly from 10.30 to 7pm with very few breaks to get this all done and the finalised pieces are sounding great!

studioCarl Rosemond did a fantastic job in guiding us through the takes and helping us make the endless key decisions in the creative process. By the end of the day it seemed as if we had done an extraordinary amount of work, main vocals, backing vocals, hand claps, ukulele solos, percussion, and listening to the final rough mixes.

Despite the work rate this was an energising day and later this week Jessica and I start work on refining the next batch of songs which we will be taking into the studio in January 2015!

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