Preparing for the first recording session this November

jessica bowieWe are in the final 5 weeks before the first recording session in November. To date we have 18 finished songs and others in a state of progress. It’s great to have so much material to choose from and we have selected the first 8 tracks for the studio. There will also be another recording session in January 2015. This is an exciting creative period for The Small Change Diaries and now we have all 5 members in regular rehearsals there’s a lot to consider! We are also now using a Tascam 24 track porta studio which is a fantastic way of gearing up for the final studio sessions.

Technology has moved on massively in the last decade and it’s now possible to create really high end recordings without a massive financial outlay. Its great to be co writing tracks with Jessica Bowie and to have somebody else’s mind focuses on this material. We are spending a fair bit of time working on harmonies and everything is starting to sound really good. The addition of Garry Jackson and Rich creates a whole new world of sonic possibilities and both a superb musicians.

As well as developing the music we are exploring the visual presentation for SCD and I am delighted to have a really talented artist now working on this aspect, more news to be announced here on this site!


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