Garry Jackson brings Bass to The Small Change Diaries

We just got back from a terrific practice session at Blueberry Hill Studios where Garry Jackson joined us for the first time. Garry is a brilliant addition to the group, bringing a whole new sonic dimension. He is also an accomplished musician and is going to be invaluable in helping arrange the Small Change Diaries material.

small change diariesIt’s a fascinating process hearing these songs develop and take shape from what was once just an idea. I am truly grateful to be surrounded by such excellent and creative musicians. We currently have 18 songs to choose from and it’s clear that there are many strong contenders to make the final album.

small change diariesNext week four of us will again be rehearsing new material and I am beginning to fully appreciate how important it is to keep the momentum with practicing songs. I’m keen that The Small Change Diaries produces original, interesting and thought provoking material.

Certainly to date we have a big range of styles and influences, from jazz, roots, folk and ragtime. All the instruments are acoustic and the wonderful Schertler amps are really proving their worth doing an excellent job of amplifying the instruments!


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