Practice time with Nick Cody & Jessica Bowie – Ukulele magic!

The BandI never fully appreciated the importance of group practice until I began to gather members for The Small Change Diaries! It’s very different writing and arranging original material than covering other’s material and practice is absolutely essential if you want to create a great listening experience for an audience. We practice every week either as a duo or all three of us. Sometimes this is done unamplified and sometimes in Blueberry Hill Studios with full amps, microphones and PA. Both are essential in developing the material. It’s a fascinating experience and watching songs develop and mature over a period of time!

I am fortunate to be working with two seasoned musicians. Both Jessica Bowie and Rob Sayles have extensive experience of being in groups and doing live gigs, It’s also been a great experience co-writing with Jessica and we complement each other really well in terms of song development. To date I have written all the lyrics for the 15 completed Small Change Diaries songs, but equally important are the arrangements and Jessica has been invaluable in this respect.

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