Filming the back story for The Small Change Diaries

Last week we filmed and edited material for the back story for The Small Change Diaries. I’m always keen that filming and audio recording is the best possible

I’m also mindful that The Small Change Diaries is the collective endeavours of those of us involved in the ensemble and it’s important to document this. My experience is that with the best bands, the sum of all members is greater than any individual and that’s certainly true in this instance.
We filmed interviews and musical clips over two days and it took 5 hours to agree the edit and then time to do colour correction and to render the footage. The finished clip is around 17 minutes long and I think it’s a good representation of where we are now with the band The whole SCD project is moving at a pace and we currently have 15 completed songs and two completed instrumentals. The strategy up until now has been to create gradual awareness about the band and I hope people enjoy some of the musical clips and explanations and thinking behind the band’s material.

The video will go live next week and be announced on the SCD FB page as well as on this site

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