Nick Cody

Nick CodyI have been fascinated with music for over four decades, growing up in what I consider to be the golden era of singer songwriters in the 1970s. Major inspirations are Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan and Ani Difranco. My main instruments to date have been electric and acoustic guitars and I have become an avid collector of both of these.

In 2008 I first attended a Martin Simpson workshop and subsequently became a student of his taking private lessons in Sheffield exploring the wonders of altered tunings. I first became fascinated by the ukulele in 2013 and met Jessica Bowie taking ukulele and singing lessons on a weekly basis. I had already purchased a Collings pre-production ukulele in New York a few years earlier but had never attempted more than the occasional strum, aside from figuring out an instrumental that would in time become “Cold Mountain” part of the Small Change Diaries repertoire. I quickly began to realise the potential of this instrument and started to write material for “The Small Change Diaries”

The Small Change Diaries is a project that is lyric based with songs that detail observations about human relationships, stories and behaviours.
You can visit Nick Cody’s website here.

As well as playing numerous types of ukuleles I also play acoustic guitar, mandolin, mandola, dobro, electric guitar, walking bass dulcimer, tenor guitar, national Resophonic and other instruments