Jessica Bowie

Jessica BowieFor me SCD is an exciting opportunity to collaborate on both writing and performing original pieces of music with great musicians. Having worked primarily with cover bands previously, this has been a great chance to focus my musical creativity and develop my songwriting skills further.

Although I play other instruments the ukulele is my singular passion. My days are filled with playing and teaching, and my nights are filled with band rehearsals and gigs. Such a small thing can bring so much entertainment and enjoyment. Already having a massive library of other people’s songs in my head which I play on ukulele, it is really nice to use the ukulele to create something brand new and unusual.

I especially enjoying playing alongside Nick, Rich and Adrian as the mix of instruments is unusual, lending a certain lullaby quality to some of the songs, with distinct ukulele parts. Nick’s mature, insightful lyrics cover a vast array of topics and the messages carried within them are genuine and heartfelt (no shopping list songs on this album).

Jessica Bowie

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